Kinja inverted benchmarking for Feb 2015

In order to know how much money to throw at hardware for kinja we occasionally benchmark it to see how much headroom we have left. Only instead of coming up with an artificial benchmark that tries to accurately represent our millions of daily users, we do the inverse and *remove* servers from live traffic to see… » 2/24/15 11:12am 2/24/15 11:12am

Yes, The Grammys Are Dumb, But It's Not Beck's Fault

So everyone's gonna argue about Beck for a few days, which is a mixed blessing for everyone, Beck included. And, look. He should not have won the Grammy for Album of the Year. I can think of at least nine reasons why. This is all mildly embarrassing, and yet inevitable, as we're talking about the Grammys, and the… » 2/10/15 11:10am 2/10/15 11:10am

Of course a brand can be your friend

Sam, I've been trying to understand the opinion piece you wrote entitled Brands Are Not Your Friends. And I'm trying to understand you. For people new to this topic, here's Biddle's nutgraph. » 2/16/15 2:52pm 2/16/15 2:52pm

Don't Let Entropy Become Your PM: Embrace Simplicity

Complexity cost is something everyone from managers (whether the CEO, product manager, or vp of engineering) to engineers themselves rarely consider. It's something a good product organization should implement solutions to always take them into consideration. The complexity cost of implementation, explanation and side… » 2/10/15 12:21pm 2/10/15 12:21pm

On the post-comment duality...

From ???@??? Tue Sep 19 11:58:21 2000 To:, matthew Haughey <>,,, From: Matt Hamer <> Subject: On Comments Cc: Bcc: X-Attachments: In-Reply-To: References: Message-Id: <> X-Persona:… » 2/09/15 1:35pm 2/09/15 1:35pm

Get hypnotized with these magic fibonacci zoetrope sculptures

As Max states, we will be launching personalization features to improve the overall experience on the platform. We do not have a launch date, but we will be testing some ideas very soon. It's a feature I've used on an alpha iOS app we tested last year, and it was quite good. » 1/12/15 2:32pm 1/12/15 2:32pm

The Museum's Top 5 Videos of 2014

2014 was packed to the gills at the American Museum of Natural History. The past 12 months saw tons of new research and exciting exhibitions, and we've got the video to prove it! Check out the Museum's top 5 most viewed videos of 2014: » 1/12/15 12:22pm 1/12/15 12:22pm

Give No Fucks: A Mixtape of Badass Female Singers

The era of the badass frontwomen who gives no fucks is upon us. Here's a mixtape in honor of the women who go against the tide, break from the confides of societal bullshit, and produce some great fucking music. » 1/09/15 3:19pm 1/09/15 3:19pm

Some Gawker Media Stories I Liked in 2014

Below you'll find a handful of Gawker Media stories from 2014 that I enjoyed for one reason or another. This is only a sampling, not a comprehensive roundup, and I'm putting it here partly as a way of telegraphing my tastes to the many staffers who know me only as the editor of an often impenetrably abstruse … » 1/07/15 4:50pm 1/07/15 4:50pm

Leaked: The Nightmare Email Drama Behind Sony's Steve Jobs Disaster

The permanently upcoming Steve Jobs biopic has been hotly anticipated since it was first reported nearly three years ago. We're still waiting. And according to newly leaked emails out of Sony Pictures, trying to get it off the ground was a total clusterfuck: name-calling, Angelina Jolie-trashing, lying, and begging. » 12/11/14 4:31pm 12/11/14 4:31pm

The most amazing and inspiring vision of the future I've ever seen

I have seen countless science fiction movies and documentaries about the future of humanity. None of them were as inspiring, beautiful, and realistic as this extraordinary short film by Erik Wernquist, narrated by Carl Sagan. Watch it and get ready for goosebumps. » 11/30/14 3:10am 11/30/14 3:10am

Five weeks of turnover

On October 22, we changed the format of one of our platform-wide cookies. The conversion process is pretty simple: we check for the old cookie, use it to create the new one, and delete the old. This happens exactly once for every user on their first visit since Oct. 22 to any Kinja site. The graph below shows the… » 12/01/14 11:47am 12/01/14 11:47am